All second grade students in South Carolina are required to take an achievement and an aptitude test in order to identify students for gifted and talented services, which begin in the third grade.  The screening process for gifted and talented identification is a multi-step process. The first part of that process begins with the administration of the Iowa Assessments and the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT).  The State Department of Education has announced the window for testing second graders as October  13-October 28. The School District of Pickens County will begin testing on Monday, October 17.

There are several subtests included in the testing. The schedule of subtests is as follows:
Monday, October 17 - Verbal Battery (CogAT)
Tuesday, October 18 – Quantitative Battery (CogAT)
Wednesday, October 19 - Nonverbal Battery (CogAT)
Thursday, October 20 - Reading (Iowa)
Friday, October 21 – Math (Iowa)

Parents are asked to ensure that students have ample rest and eat a good breakfast during this testing period. A breakfast that includes some type of protein helps students concentrate better than a breakfast of sugary foods. It is important that students arrive at school on time, especially during testing.