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Principal's Message

At the McKissick Academy of Science and Technology, we are committed to building students who will enter the waters of middle school, high school, and beyond with an edge in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).
Our project-based curriculum is built around the three pillars of STEM: Biomedical Science, Computer Science, and Engineering Design, and we are preparing an experience to lead students to success in all three.  Resources such as Project Lead the Way Modules, a 1:1 technology program, Montessori classrooms, community partnerships, and the "Shark Tank" lab are all features that MAST students will have at their fingertips to help them outpace their peers in STEM education.
But before the resources, programs, and curriculum, we believe that great learning starts with culture - a culture that fosters creativity and inquiry between students, teachers, and community.  We're striving to create minds that ask questions no one has asked before and find answers that change our world.  I believe that potential for greatness can be found in every child, and I welcome your family to join us as we nurture the students who will shape our future!

Your Principal,
Heather Touchberry   


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